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Dissertation Survival Guide: Home

Guidance on how to complete your Dissertation/Final Year Project and make the most of Library and IT Services and Resources

Our six step guide

Here is a guide compiled by the Library and Students Union to help you get started with your dissertation/final year project.  It details six stages which you need to achieve in order to take your dissertation to the next level.  These stages are:

Step One: Decide your research question
Step Two: The all-important literature review
Step Three: Carry out your research
Step Four: Analyse your results
Step Five: Writing up your research
Step Six: The Finishing Touches

Dissertation Survival Workshops

Book on one of our workshops that are running in term 2

1.  Search Smarter Search Faster: effectively using Summon to find information for your literature review. 
This session will enable participants to frame a research question and construct effective search strategies in order to retrieve relevant information using Summon.  

2.  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Books, Journal articles, Newspapers, Wikipedia, which are the best to use for my literature review?

This workshop will help you reflect on the types of information sources that you might use in your literature reviews. By the end of the workshop, you will have discussed the positives and negatives of different information sources and considered which are best to answer parts of your literature review

3.  RefWorks: take the pain out of referencing by using RefWorks

4. MindView: Mind mapping software to help you map out and visualise the main components of your dissertation, set targets, add references.  

5.  SPSS: an introduction
Learn how to set up variables, enter data and do some basic analysis using SPSS

6.  Word for your dissertation: This session will enable participants to effectively use MS Word when writing their dissertation


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