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About ProQuest Ebook Central

ProQuest Ebook Central is one of the main ebook platforms for ebooks at the University of Huddersfield. ProQuest Ebook Central has ebooks covering a wide range of subjects. This guide explains how to find and use ebooks available on ProQuest Ebook Central, and answers frequently asked questions.

Ebook Central

Computer / Software requirements

ProQuest Ebook Central ebooks can be used on Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

You will need the following software to download ebooks from Proquest Ebook Central:

  • Laptop or desktop computer -  Adobe Digital Editions
  • iOS and Android devices -  Adobe Digital Editions and an Adobe ID

ProQuest Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read a ProQuest ebook online?

ProQuest ebooks can be read online. Click the read online button to start reading. 


Why am I unable to read or download a ProQuest ebook?

Some ebooks are restricted to one user at time by the publisher. Some titles in Ebook Central can only be accessed by a limited number of users simultaneously. You will be unable to read or download the title until a copy becomes available if the maximum number of users has been reached.

You may read this book for 5 minutes, and request this book from your library at no cost to you - What does this mean?

Some ebooks in our ProQuest collection have been purchased using a different model, and might not be available to download unless you request it. Click on the request this book link to access the book. 

Can I download to my own device?

You can download full ebooks for 14 days.  

Individual chapters can be downloaded as a PDF.

Do I need any specific software to download?

To download a Proquest ebook to a desktop or laptop computer Adobe Digital Editions is required. Adobe Digital Editions is already installed on University computers but you may need to download it if using your own computer.

For downloads on a mobile device Bluefire Reader and an Adobe ID is required.

If you don’t have an Adobe ID you will need to register. You can sign up here

Software Overview by Device:

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer – Adobe Digital Editions

  • iPads and iPhones – Bluefire Reader and Adobe ID

  • Android devices – Bluefire Reader and Adobe ID



Can I copy from a ProQuest ebook?

Usually up to 10% of a title can be copied.

Can I copy from a downloaded version?

You can copy from downloaded ProQuest ebooks 

Can I print from a ProQuest ebook?

Usually up to 10% of a title can be printed.

Can I print from a downloaded version?

You can print from downloaded ProQuest ebooks 

Can I save an ebook to return to later on ProQuest Ebook Central?

You can save ebooks to return to later, by saving a title to your Bookshelf.

It is also possible to get a direct link to return to specific page of the book. To get a link to your ebook, click on the link option from the toolbar within the ebook. 

Can I add notes to an ebook on ProQuest ebook Central?

You can highlight and add notes to ebooks using the online reader. Annotated bookmarks can be added to ebooks when reading online using a laptop or desktop computer.

For more information about annotating ebooks, visit the ProQuest ebook Central help guide


This is a playlist of videos from ProQuest to help you get started with ProQuest Ebook Central.