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ebooks: VLeBooks

About VLeBooks

VLeBooks is the Askews and Holts ebook service for academic libraries to read and download,  purchased by the University of Huddersfield Library.

A lot of the content used to be on the DawsonEra platform before it closed in July 2020.


Computer / Software requirements

VLeBooks requires only that you use a web browser and requires no additional software or plug-ins.

It supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 4 and above, Chrome 12 and above, Safari 5 and above.

JavaScript must be enabled within the browser to read online, but Flash is not required.

More help

When logged into the VLeBooks site, click on the Help button for advice on using the various features.

This link provides help when you are logged in with your University credentials.

There is a PDF help guide available too,

ProQuest Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read a VLeBook online?

VLeBooks can be read online. Click the read online button to start reading. 

VLebook screenshot

Why am I unable to read or download a VLeBook?

Some ebooks are restricted to one user at time by the publisher. Some titles in VLe can only be accessed by a limited number of users simultaneously.  You will be unable to read or download the title until a copy becomes available if the maximum number of users has been reached. 

Can I download to my own device?

You can download full ebooks for 1 day, which allows you to the read the ebook whilst offline.

Do I need any specific software to download?

To download a VLeBook to a desktop or laptop computer Adobe Digital Editions is required. Adobe Digital Editions is already installed on University computers but you may need to download it if using your own computer.

For downloads on a mobile device, the VleBooks eBook Reader or Bluefire Reader and an Adobe ID is required.

If you don’t have an Adobe ID you will need to register. Sign up for an Adobe ID.

Software Overview by Device:

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer – Adobe Digital Editions

  • iPads and iPhones – VleBooks eBook Reader or Bluefire Reader app and Adobe ID

  • Android devices – VleBooks eBook Reader or Bluefire Reader app and Adobe ID

Can I copy from a VLeBook?

Usually up to 10% of a title can be copied.

Can I copy from a downloaded version?

You can copy from downloaded VLeBooks. 

Can I print from a VLeBook?

Usually up to 10% of a title can be printed.

Can I print from a downloaded version?

You can print from downloaded VLeBook. 

Can I save an ebook to return to later on VLeBooks?

You can save ebooks to return to later, by saving a title to your Bookshelf.

VLeBook screenshot with add to bookshelf highlighted

How to return to your bookshelf

You can either search for a title via Summon and enter VLeBooks or go direct to the VLE website which may ask you to log in with University login and password. 

When off campus, you may be redirected to a Welcome screen - choose the OpenAthens button and search for University of Huddersfield Library to see the familiar log in screen.

Can I add notes to VLeBooks?

You can highlight and add notes to ebooks using the online reader. Bookmarks can be added to ebooks when reading online using a laptop or desktop computer.

Further information is provided via the Help button when reading.