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Open Access: Taylor and Francis

A guide to Open Access at the University of Huddersfield

Taylor & Francis Transitional Read and Publish

The T&F open access agreement offers authors the option to publish open access in over 2000 titles including both full open access and Open Select (hybrid) journals, as well as F1000Research and Routledge Open Research

To be eligible under this agreement articles must have an acceptance date from the 1st of January 2024 and meet the following Author, Journal and Article type criteria.


Eligible Authors

To be eligible, the corresponding author must be:

  • a current student registered with the Institution (including undergraduates and postgraduates); or
  • a contractor of the Institution directly involved in educational and research activities of the Institution; or
  • a member of staff of the Institution (whether permanent or temporary, including any teacher who teaches students registered with the Institution)

The corresponding author must be responsible for managing the publication process of an article, from submission to post-acceptance, and must be the one who corresponds with the Publisher.

To help with the approval process authors should use their University of Huddersfield email address and ensure they select the correct affiliation from the drop-down search during the submission process

Once you have received your Author Publishing Agreement and confirmed your personal details, you simply need to select that you would like to be funded through your open access agreement,

Please note: papers with corresponding authors who are honorary, visiting or NHS members of staff without a contract of employment will not normally be eligible to use this agreement.


Eligible Journals

Original research articles can be published in any Hybrid (Open Select) journal.


Eligible Article Types

Only research articles are eligible under the terms of this agreement. Other types of paper, such as Editorials, Announcements, and Book Reviews, are not covered by this agreement.

Please note: this agreement will not cover colour, image or page charges. 


Licence options 

Authors have a choice between a commercial (CC BY) or non-commercial (CC BY-NC-ND) licence.

If your article is UKRI-funded please contact to check UKRI eligibility and licence requirements.


Submission Checklist
Criteria All must apply
Affiliated to the University of Huddersfield
You are the corresponding author

The selected journal is an eligible T&F Open Select (hybrid) journals title (see above) and if applicable meets UKRI funding requirements

The article type is eligible (see above)
You used your University email address during the submission process
You selected the 'University of Huddersfield' as your institution during the submission process
You have acknowledged any funders
If UKRI funded you have chosen an appropriate CC-BY licence to comply with funder requirements


More information:

T&F articles published open access under this agreement in 2024


Cover Image

Marxian Analysis of Capitalism and Crises
by Siddiqui, Kalim
International critical thought, 10/2023, Volume 13, Issue 4
The subject of economics, which was once famous for several views and schools of thought, has been limited to just one school neoclassical..


Cover Image

The Battle of Blore Heath: Sources, Historiography and Implications for the Outbreak of Conflict, 1459-60
by Thornton, Tim
Midland history, 01/2024


Cover Image

The comfort and functional performance of personal protective equipment for police officers: a systematic scoping review
by Hudson, Sean; Ridland, Leanne; Blackburn, Joanna; Monchuk, Leanne; Ousey, Karen
Ergonomics, 01/2024
This scoping review aimed to identify and summarise evidence on the comfort and functional performance of police officer personal protecti..


Cover Image

Accessing the artwork in covid-19: loss, recovery and reimagination
by Tinker, Amanda J.
Internet histories, 01/2024


Cover Image

Pets and private renting: a rapid evidence review of the barriers, benefits, and challenges
by McCarthy, Lindsey; Simcock, Tom
International journal of housing policy, 01/2024


Cover Image

Taking a queer-friendly stance under censorship: Beijing International Short Film Festival as an alternative site for screening Chinese queer shorts
by Xie, Heshen
Journal of Chinese cinemas, 02/2024, Volume 17, Issue 1
This article examines the conditions involved in screening Chinese queer short films publicly in the context of film festivals in mainland..


Cover Image

Dating Applications: A Honeypot for Sextortion Victims
by Tavakoli, Harmony; Tzani, Calli; Ioannou, Maria; Williams, Thomas James Vaughan; Drouin, Michelle; Fletcher, Rachel
Deviant behavior, 02/2024


Cover Image

Maintaining the gap: women’s early career experiences of entry into the UK graduate labour market
by Brooks, Ruth; Yeadon-Lee, Tray; Gill, Santokh Singh
Journal of education and work, 02/2024


Cover Image

Bucking the trend: high-achieving, working-class girls and their strategic university decision making
by Davey, Katherine
British journal of sociology of education, 02/2024


Cover Image

Trust and corruption in the Czech Republic: evidence from a new generation of managers
by Benesova, Nathalie; Anchor, John
Post-communist economies, 2024