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Subject guides

Disability Support: Emergency evacuation

Information about the facilities and support available within Library Services for students, staff and visitors with additional needs.

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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans

We ask that you familiarise yourself with the evacuation arrangements for the library building. If required the Library Disability Support Advisor will be happy to go through this with you, ensure that you are aware of what to do in case of an emergency alarm, and put in place a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) for you. 


*Read information on fire action notices

*Make yourself aware of fire exits, exit routes and emergency refuges.

*Remember that lifts cannot be used and are programmed to return to the ground floor when the fire alarm is activated.

*Be aware that if you have a hearing impairment and are unlikely to notice the building alarm, a sound alert mobile phone app is available from Disability Services. 

More information is available in PDF format here: 

In the event of a lift failure

In the unlikely event of a power failure or lift breakdown when a library user is unable to use the stairs to exit the building, the following actions should be carried out: 

*Notify the security hub (01484 472221), or notify a member of staff - you can also use the noise disturbance text number (81025) to alert Library Wardens.

*Check if there is an alternative lift available to use. The library has two lifts.

Further information for what actions to take in this eventuality is available in a PDF leaflet from the Disability Service: 

Library floor maps

Download maps of the library floors showing the location of study areas, bookable rooms, drinking water, accessible toilets, height-adjustable desks, and fire exits: