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Disability Support: Study spaces

Information about the facilities and support available within Library Services for students, staff and visitors with additional needs.

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Studying in the Library

Studying in the Library

The library has a variety of study spaces to meet different needs and preferences.

• Silent Study: There are Silent Study areas on Floor 5, both within and separate from the Music Library; Floor 2 is a Silent Floor. 

• Quiet Study: There are Quiet Study areas on Floors 3, 5 and 6. 

• Bookable rooms: There are bookable Study Rooms on Floors 2, 3, 5 and 6, as well as bookable Study Areas (open plan) on Floors 3 and 6. Floor 4 has a Group Study Area which does not need to be booked. See the guide to booking a room for more information.

Postgraduate Research Room: The PGR room (SB5/02) is located on floor 5. Taught postgraduate students will need to request access by emailing

For more details of room facilities, to see availability and book a room or study area, go to our booking page. There is a guide to how to book here, and locations are given on the library floor maps on this page.

For accessible workstations, see the Computers & Assistive Software page.

Need a break from studying?

Need a break from studying?

Looking for a calm quiet space to chill out and take the pressure off? 

Try the Calm Zone on Floor 5, where you'll find comfy chairs and a peaceful vibe - we've removed the PCs, to help you relax, recharge and give your brain a break!  It's in a silent area, so you can sit and chill, be mindful, or even read something from our HudReads collection of books for leisure. 

In need of some refreshment?

Head to Scholar's Rest, where you can enjoy food and hot drinks within the library. There's a vending machine, a microwave, and comfy seating in this area next to the Music Library on Floor 5.

See Floor Maps for more information

Get Help

Need more help?

If you would like to discuss making best use of the study spaces in the library, or where you can use assistive software, please get in touch with the Library Disability Support Advisor

Library Floor Maps

Library Floor Maps

Download maps of the library floors showing the location of study areas, bookable rooms, drinking water, accessible toilets, height-adjustable desks, and fire exits: