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Library guide for Computing and Information Systems

Library services for studying online


In addition to this guide, please see our guide to Library Services for Studying Onlinewhich will help you to effectively use our online services.

For the latest information on access to the Library building, computers and books, please see our news page.


Welcome to the Library guide for Computing and Information Systems. You'll find links to some useful resources for your studies and ideas of where to go if you can't find what you need. Please get in touch if you'd like to see anything else!

Resources for academic reading and writing

Here are a few online resources that can help you improve your academic writing.

Library Computer Software

Adobe and Microsoft programmes are installed on all library computers as standard. Some specialist software is also available. For a full list, please see the library's website: What software is in the Library?

Key Resources

Finding Open Access research online

Below are some useful tools for finding Open Access research papers outside of Summon.

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