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Leganto reading list staff guide: Manage the reading list

Training and support for Leganto reading lists

Organising a reading list using sections

This video demonstrates how to organise a reading list using sections.

Associate the list with a module

It is common across some schools for modules to share the same list, for example, when the module is taught across year groups or at related sites.

This video shows you how to link an existing list with a new module, as well as how to set up a brand new list:


Send the list to library review

Library Review button in Leganto

You need to click on the Library review button in Leganto, so the library can check and process new items and updates. 

We check library collections, review the number of copies in stock, check for ebook availability and decide if any additional print copies are required. 

New books or extra copies are ordered for the library and ebook access set up where available.

The library team will contact the module leader if there are any problems or issues with updates to a reading list - this will be done by email, or via the Library discussion in Leganto, if an academic initiates a conversation. 

Library discussion screenshot on Leganto

You will receive a notification via email when a discussion or note is updated in your reading list. 

Publish the list for students

Once your reading list is ready for students to view, you will need to change the list from draft to published to ensure students can view the lists via their Brightspace modules.

All reading list imported from the previous MyReading system will appear as published, to change the status, click on the three dots next to the reading list title, and select Unpublish.

Leganto reading list with three dots and unpublish option highlighted


All new lists created will start in draft mode, so once complete, click on the three dots and select Publish to make them visible to students.

A pop up confirmation box will appear and the Published statement will appear underneath the Reading list title.

                        green tick and list was published confirmation box from Leganto

Add and remove collaborators

Leganto lets you easily manage who can collaborate on your reading list. You can add yourself to a list (if permissions allow), add others to your list, adjust editing access, and remove collaborators. 

When in a list, select Collaborators in the panel on the right, then Manage collaborators. You can then invite people, remove people, and decide who gets editing rights on the list. 

Screenshot of manage collaborators in Leganto