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How to manage your references using software


This guide will show you how to use various types of reference management software available at the University of Huddersfield.

Reference management software can help you to store and organise your references. There are various different kinds: some free, some paid for. This guide will cover three types: RefWorks, EndNote, and Mendeley.

Different types of reference management software work in slightly different ways, but they should all have the following key features:

  • Build a "library" of resources you want to use regularly or come back to later.
  • Create automatic references in a range of styles, including APA 7th (the University's preferred referencing style).
  • Allow you to annotate and store PDFs of articles.

See below for a comparison of the main features of the most popular tools, and click the tabs along the top for more information on how to use them.

Switching software

You don't have to stick to the same reference manager forever! If you've started using one but want to switch to a different one, you can always export your library and import it into different software.

See the links below for instructions on how to do this for the most common software types.

How do reference managers compare?

It is up to you which software you prefer to use - if you choose to use any (you don't have to!).

As well as RefWorks and EndNote, there are also various free referencing tools available, such as Mendeley and Zotero. You may find this chart comparing the main features of each useful.

Feature EndNote RefWorks Mendeley Zotero
Support available from the University Yes Yes Yes No
Desktop or web app? Both Web Both Both
Online storage available (for free) Unlimited 100MB 2GB 300MB
Import items from Summon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Import items from Google Scholar and other databases Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insert citations/references in Word Yes Yes Yes Yes
Insert citations/references in Google Docs Yes Yes No Yes
Mobile app iOS No No iOS + Android