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Media, Journalism and Film: Library Class Numbers

A library guide to support the study of media, journalism and film

Book classification

Here at the University of Huddersfield we use the Dewey Decimal Classification System. It is very easy to use. Books are grouped together by subject and then allocated a number, called a class number. This means when you browse the shelves all the books on the same subject will be together.

You do not have to remember the class numbers! They are all on Summon. We also include the first three letters of the authors surname so that you can find books quickly.

Journal classification

Print journals do not use the Dewey Decimal Classification system. They are filed alphabetically by title irrespective of their subject content. The sequence begins on floor 5 and continues to floors 3 and 2.

Many journal titles are also available electronically and some are only available online via Summon. Therefore all journals are fully searchable via Summon. Click on the title of the journal to access the options available. You will need to be logged into Summon to access full text.

DVD classification

Our DVD collection is classified using the Dewey Decimal Classification System. They have filing letter similar to books which is usually the author of the material on the DVD. However, the feature films are filed by film title so that you can find them quickly.

The DVD collection is fully searchable via Summon.