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Media, Journalism and Film: Library FAQs

A library guide to support the study of media, journalism and film

Getting started....

The Library contains a wide variety of resources for studying Media, Journalism and Film: these include books, journals, newspapers, DVDs and CDs. There are also computers, CD listening stations, individual study carrels, study tables, study rooms and library catalogues.

Finding Books for Music

Where are the media, journalism and film books?

The media, journalism and film books are mainly located on floors 2, 5 and 6. However, the books in the Library are arranged by Dewey Decimal Class Number so you may have to use other floors if the Library. The sequence starts on floor 6 and ends on floor 2.

Where are the DVDs?

The DVDs are held in a separate collection on floor 2 of the library. They are filed by Dewey Decimal Class Number. They also have filing letters which is usually the author/composer of the material on the DVD except the feature films. They are filed by film title.

How do I find the books on my reading list?

'MyReading' is our module-based reading list service. Each list links to books, journal articles, scores, sound recordings and other resources that you will be expected to read and listen to in order to complete the module. To access 'MyReading' please log in to BrightSpace through the student portal MyHud or click the link on the front page of Summon.

What is the library catalogue?

The library catalogue is a list of books, journals, DVDs and other resources that we have in the Library. It is fully integrated into Summon. To look at items in the library catalogue select 'items in the library' from the refining tools on the left-hand side of the screen once you have your search results.

What if I can't find a book on the shelf?

If the book is not on loan, it may be waiting to be reshelved. There are trolleys on each floor for this. It might be that the book is being used by another student. If you have checked everywhere and you still cannot find it please ask a member of staff at the Subject Enquiry Desk on floor 4.

How do I find books on a particular topic?

To make your search more specific you can use more than one keyword enclosed in speech marks e.g. "music journalism". This will search for the words as a phrase. Then check that they are in stock and note down the class number and floor number to find them on the shelves.

Finding Journal Articles for Music

How do I find journal articles for media, journalism and film topics?

If you are looking for a specific journal article you will have all the information you need. Use the Journals link on the front page of Summon to check that we have access to the journal, then look for the volume number, issue number and page numbers. You will need to use your University username and password to access full text online.

If you are looking for articles on a wider topic you can type this into the search box on the front page of Summon. This will bring up a list of resources on that topic. Use the refining tools on the left of the screen to narrow down your search. When you have found the article that you want click on the title to view the article. You will need to use your University username and password to access full text online.

How do I use the electronic resources on Summon?

Our electronic databases are grouped together by subject area for each School and Department. You can either browse the list for Linguistics and Modern Languages under 'Music, Humanities and Media' or use the Electronic Resources link. Then select the database you wish to use. You will now be able to search the database individually.