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Reading List Toolkit (Broaden My Bookshelf): Moving beyond traditional resources

Toolkit to help academics diversify reading lists



Moving beyond traditional resources

Depending on your topic, it may be relevant and helpful to include resources beyond the traditional books and journal articles. These could include

  • Podcasts are available from many different sources. If there's an organisation you like to keep up to date with, they may well produce their own podcasts.Here is a small selection of some popular free podcast platforms.
  • Youtube videos
  • Broadcast media and films. We subscribe to:
    • Kanopy, which provides access to over 30000 documentaries, classic and independent films. Please refer to the Kanopy box further down this page for specific film topic categories.
    • Box of Broadcasts, which enables streaming of radio and TV broadcasts from over 60 Freeview channels. Please refer to the BoB curated topic playlists below and to the left of this page.
  • TED talks
  • Academic blogs. Many academics have their own personal blogs which can be found by googling or via their academic profile on their institution's web site.
  • The Fashion and Race Database (eResource): The Fashion and Race and Database™ provides a roadmap for lasting change in the fashion system, as it offers lessons and resources that diversify how we understand fashion. The database is an invaluable platform for those who agree that it’s time to challenge dominant narratives and harmful practices in fashion. Please ensure you use your University email address when registering for a personal account to save results.

Kanopy Playlist Collections

Kanopy: Race & Class Studies Collection: <click here, you may be prompted to login

Follow the link to find curated films covering the topics of Racism, Poverty, Representation of Race in Media, Immigration and Identity, African American Studies, Hispanic American Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Race and Class in North America, Race and Class in Europe, Race and Class in Australia, Race and Class in Africa, and Race and Class in Asia.

Kanopy: LGBT Studies Collection: <click here, you may be prompted to login.

Follow the link to find curated films covering the topics of LGBT Cinema, LGBT History, Transgender Studies, LGBT Issues and Religion, LGBT Media Representation, LGBT Activism, International LGBT Studies, Spotlight on Lesbian Documentaries, LGBT Artists, LGBT Families and Youth, LGBT Health, and LGBT Filmmakers.

Kanopy: Gender Studies Collection: <click here, you may be prompted to login.

Click the link above to find curated films on the topics of Women's Studies, Men's Studies, Transgender Studies, Gender Representation in the Media, Women's Rights, Gender Roles and Identity, Feminism, Sexuality, Crimes against Women, Women in Business and Politics, Women in the Arts, Female Filmmakers, and Social Transformation by Women.


Black History Month Playlists


Recommended Playlists for different subjects for Black History Month

Black History Month homepage - visit the homepage to find articles, blog posts, news, events/activities and to order resource packs.

Box of Broadcasts playlist


BoB/Learning On Screen Curated Playlists:

A rich resource of collected clips and individual Television or radio broadcasts created by academics around specific subject areas or modules.

Bob Curated Playlists Home Page