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Research Module HHS HFG1000: Home

This guide contains all the Library content for the Research Module for Human and Health Sciences students

Searching for information

The main way to search for books, journal articles and more is by using the library's search page.

The search page uses Summon, a university version of Google, to search for anything the library has access to, and more!  From the search page you can specify what kind of content you want to look for i.e. articles or books, and make modifications to your search and the type of content you want once you have some results back.  It's an easy way to find lots of high quality information for your assignments.

However, sometimes Summon isn't enough - so the resources linked to on this page are dedicated specialist resources that may help you in your studies.

Useful websites & statistics

Clinical Knowledge Summaries. (Previously called Prodigy) Contains information and guidance for common conditions managed in primary care. Also a good source of patient leaflets.

NHS Choices Behind the Headlines: contains current health information in the news as well as critiquing the research behind the news headlines.

Department of Health

Public Health England: A good source of information for community profiling.

World Health Organisation data and statistics

Office for National Statistics

Health and social care statistics

UK data service

Top Online Resources

Useful organisations

NICE: National Institutite for Health and Care Excellence. National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. NICE Pathways are available here.  To REFERENCE a guideline/pathway in APA 7th, use the method detailed here for referencing NICE guidelines

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