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Disability Support: Library access for people supporting you

Information about the facilities and support available within Library Services for students, staff and visitors with additional needs.

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Support Workers, Carers and Relatives

Support Workers, Carers and Relatives

You are welcome to bring someone else to the library to support you. 

Some support workers have their own ID cards, which they will need to bring with them. If  you would like a family member to accompany you, they will need to bring two forms of ID, including one with name and address, to the Reception desk in order to be given a guest pass. 

Please note that we do not offer library reference access or borrowing for support workers - access is only offered to directly support disabled students (for more details about external membership, please see Public Access information.)

Proxy Borrowing

Proxy Borrowing

If there are times when you are unable to get to the library yourself because of your disability, you can arrange to set up proxy borrowing.

This means that you authorise someone else to come to the library and collect your books for you. This may be a relative, fellow student or support worker. They will be provided with a card to access the library and can either search for the books on the shelves for you, or collect books which you have requested via the Book Retrieval service (see "Help with getting your books").  

The books will be issued onto your own library account and remain your responsibility. 

Please contact the Library Disability Support Advisor for more information about arranging proxy borrowing.