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Disability Support: Borrowing

Information about the facilities and support available within Library Services for students, staff and visitors with additional needs.

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Borrowing from the Library

Borrowing from the Library

Borrowing books and items from the Library has never been easier with our automated self-service machines!

Using our Library search engine Summon you can easily search for the books you are looking for and if you need any assistance locating the book on the self, just ask our Helpful Library assistants or enquire at the Helpdesk on floor 4 at the maintain entrance to the Library.

Once you've found what your looking for you can check the books onto your Library account using the self-service machines on floor 4.

Listen-Talk Transmitters/Receivers

Listen-Talk Receivers can be loaned from the Library Help Desk by staff and students. These devices can be used to transmit the audio from the person speaking to any person wearing a receiver. They are perfect for group tours, events and even small classes.

Maximum 18 available.

To request the devices for a specific event please submit a request using the Hudhelp form.

If you would like more information about how they work please contact

Listen-Talk Receivers

Book Retrieval Service

Book Retrieval Service

Do you need help to find, reach and carry Library books?

The library offers a Book Retrieval Service (if this is identified on your Personal Learning Support Plan).  Just send us the details of the books you would like, and the Disability Coordinators in the library will get these for you. You will then be able to collect the books from the Helpdesk on level 4 within 48 hours.

If you are eligible for this service, please use the Book Retrieval Request form on the HudHelp self-service portal. If you are unsure, or for more details, please contact the Library Disability Support Advisor.

Accessible Laptop Lockers

Accessible laptop lockers

If you are borrowing a library laptop from the Lapsafe lockers and have limited mobility, you can select lockers which are within closest reach.

Choose the "Accessible lockers" button on the log-in screen and the Lapsafe will allocate you a laptop (if there is one available) from an accessible locker.

If you require assistance with borrowing a laptop, please ask staff at the Reception desk.                                             Accessible laptop locker