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Dissertation Survival Guide: Referencing

Guidance on how to complete your Dissertation/Final Year Project and make the most of Library and IT Services and Resources

Managing your references

When you’ve decided something could be useful, make sure you keep track of all the details so you can reference it properly.

For more advice on referencing, consult the University referencing guide, or see the videos and links below.

How to reference

Referencing is a key academic skill, and essential to avoid accidental plagiarism and other academic integrity issues.

While you are reading and researching your dissertation, you should keep note of everything you may want to refer to later. You might find it helpful to use a note-taking grid like the one below.

The video below will give you an overview of what referencing is and why it is important.

APA 7th referencing

There are many different referencing styles available. At the University of Huddersfield, the official style we use is APA 7th.

A small number of courses may use different styles, in which case your lecturers will tell you what style to use, and provide guidance on this. If you have not heard differently, you need to use APA 7th style.

If you are a postgraduate researcher, you can choose to use any referencing style you wish. You should agree this with your supervisor.

Please use the links below, and the video, to find out more about APA 7th referencing.

Software to help you reference

Why not reference management software to keep a record of your items? Reference management software gives you a place to store and organise the items you have read, and can generate references automatically for you.

At the University of Huddersfield, we subscribe to two different types of reference management software: RefWorks (web-based software) and EndNote (desktop software). We also have automatic reference builders on our APA 7th guide, if you just want references you can copy and paste.

See the video below for an overview of what tools are available, and use the links under the video for further information on EndNote and RefWorks.