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Leganto reading list staff guide: Getting started

Training and support for Leganto reading lists

Help and further support

Email with any questions about reading lists.

Subject librarians can provide Leganto training sessions for academic staff.

Accessing reading lists

We recommend accessing your reading list via Brightspace and the reading list button.

Accessing reading lists in Brightspace

In a module you will find a link to the Reading List in the Key Items drop down from the top menu. This will take you directly to the reading list for the specific module you have selected.

Screenshot showing the reading list link on a Brightspace module

School of Education variation

Please note, for those of you in the School of Education, your reading list button is located under the table of contents, in the left hand menu.

Setting up a new reading list

Leganto works using data from ASIS and Brightspace. Reading lists have been imported from the MyReading system if the module was active in ASIS in academic years 2019/20, 20/21 or 21/22.

When you log in to Brightspace and click on the reading list button, it will ensure you have the editing rights to the associated reading list.

Can I link an existing list to my new module?
Yes, often modules share a reading list when teaching across year groups, cohorts or different sites. Follow these instructions to associate a list with a new module.

How do I create a new list for my new module?

Log in to Brightspace and navigate to the new module, click on the reading list button and you will be prompted to create a list. Follow the instructions to add items and manage your reading list.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact the Library team.

If you are teaching on a module but cannot see the Brightspace area and associated reading list, contact the Learning Technology Advisor (LTA) for your school.



The library can add scanned book chapters and journal articles to your reading list where ebooks are not available. There are restrictions for this process due to copyright legislation. The library will need to check if the publication can be digitised. As standard only one chapter or 10% of each book (whichever is the greater) or one article per journal issue can be made available per module. The library can apply for publisher permission for subsequent chapters however there are normally costs involved per student on the module.

The policy of the University of Huddersfield that all extracts digitized under the terms of the CLA License should be made available through reading lists on Leganto. If you feel that there are valid pedagogical reasons why your extracts need to be somewhere else please contact Chris Beevers, the License Co-ordinator, (, 01484 472051) to discuss your needs. However, there should be no other undeclared digitized extracts from works in copyright within Brightspace as the CLA will audit the university on occasion and will be given access to Brightspace to check.

More information about copyright and digital extracts can be found on the copyright library guide.