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Leganto reading list staff guide: Edit and update list items

Training and support for Leganto reading lists

Adding and editing items

How do I add items to my list from Summon?

We recommend checking our library stock first when adding content to your reading list. This first video demonstrates adding content via the Library search (which harvests content from Summon).

How do I add items not found in Summon?

The easiest way to add items not found in Summon is to use the Cite It! bookmarklet. Cite It! allows you to add details of books, journal articles and websites to Leganto.

More information about installing and using this tool can be found in the Cite It! section of this guide:

How do I add a book chapter?

If you expecting students to read a specific chapter, please add an item as a book chapter. The easiest way is to search for the whole book entry via the Library search (if already in stock) or via the Cite It tool (if not in stock). You can then edit the book entry to a book chapter and add the extra detail, including chapter or page numbers.

The Library will ensure there is either an ebook available or an accessible PDF copy attached to the reading list entry for students to read.

You can add both a book chapter and the whole book to a reading list.

Any notes you add to an item are instructions for the students not the Library staff, e.g. Chapter 4 provides further background to the history of the Kyoto Protocol. The Library would not digitise Chapter 4 unless you added it as a book chapter entry on the reading list.

Can I add an item to multiple reading lists at the same time?

You can't add items to multiple lists at the same time. Items are added to individual lists so you will need to work on each reading list separately to make updates.

However you can use the Collection feature in Leganto to store items for future use, for example:

  • items you use often
  • items you want to find easily again

Your Collection is a personal area that will not be shared with others. Items from your Collection can be added to any reading list.

How do I copy existing sections and items?

You may wish to copy sections from one list to another, or copy items into different sections of the same list, or copy items from one list to another. All these are possible in Leganto. The following video shows you how:


How do I edit items already on a reading list?

To edit the content of an existing item, click on the three dots next to the item and select Edit item.

screenshot of Leganto reading list with edit list options highlighted

The right hand panel allows you to edit the existing item and click on Save to confirm any changes.

Remember to click on the Library Review button to send any changes to the Library.

Can I add notes to items on a reading list?

Yes, click on the three dots next to an item, select Edit item and you will see the item details appear in the right hand side panel. You can add a Public note to this item and then click on Save. The note will then appear to all those enrolled on the module.

Public note screenshot from Leganto

Adding new editions to existing reading lists

Here is the preferred process for updating a book to a new edition on your reading list:

If the new edition is replacing the old one:

Edit the existing item on your reading list with new ISBN and edition (mandatory), plus title/ author/ publish (optional as required). Click on the Library Review button to send the update and the Library will get it ordered.

If the old edition is still relevant and needs to stay on the list:

Add an extra entry for the new edition, add a public note to the old edition to highlight to students why the content is still relevant, click on the Library Review button to send the update and the Library will get it ordered.

NB. The Library's policy is to withdraw old editions of books when ordering replacements, unless there is a prior arrangement with the department. Please discuss with your subject librarian if you have questions.

Cite It! bookmarklet

Installing the Cite It! bookmarklet

You can use the Cite It bookmarklet to add items to your reading lists. This video explains how to install the Cite It! bookmarklet.

Using Cite it!

This video explains how to use the Cite It! bookmarklet to add items to your reading lists.

Which websites can I use with the Cite It button?

The following websites have been identified as compatible with Cite It! You may find others partially work, but you may need to add missing data where appropriate.


Using Collections