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Introduction to journals

The University of Huddersfield has access to a wide range of journals.

This guide introduces journals and journal articles, explains how you can find them, and why you might use them in your assignments.

Why use journals?

Computer / software requirements

Electronic journal articles are accessible on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android devices.

To read online you will usually only require an up-to-date web browser.

Most articles can also be downloaded in PDF format onto your computer or mobile device to read offline. To do this you will usually require a PDF reader on your device. University computers have the required software.

If you need help with software then contact IT Support for help. They are available by phone 24 hours a day, call 01484 473737. Alternatively you can email or find them on Twitter @HudUniITSupport

About journals

What is a journal?

A journal is a publication containing individual articles, reviews and editorials, usually focusing on a specific subject.  Articles are published in regular issues (like a magazine) online and/or in print.  Journals are therefore a good way to discover current research, thinking and news in your field.

Journals are sometimes called periodicals or serials Journal articles are published within regular issues (e.g. monthly/quarterly, like a magazine).  Issues are usually grouped into larger sets called volumes, which contain all the issues in a particular year or time period.

Thousands of academic journals are published regularly.  The Library subscribes to a wide range of these, meaning their articles are freely available for you to read.  Examples of journal titles include 'International Journal of Public Health' or 'Business Strategy Review':







Most of the Library's journals are available electronically through Summon.  However, a limited number are only available in print format on the Library shelves.



What is a journal article?

A journal article is a discrete piece or information or research, written by a named author or group of authors, and published within a journal issue: 


Individual journal articles can be found by searching Summon.  Specialist electronic databases (e.g. Emerald Insight, ScienceDirect) also allow you to perform more complex searches for journal articles on a topic.

What is a scholarly journal?

A scholarly, academic or scientific journal contains the findings of recent research in the field, and is usually used aimed at an academic audience. It is particularly useful for informing academic essays and literature reviews. 

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

Articles in a scholarly peer-reviewed or refereed journal have been independently assessed by other experts in the field before publication.  This is a quality-control procedure which means experts have judged them to contain both scientifically valid and novel findings.


What is a trade journal?

A trade journal or magazine contains current news and trends in a particular industry, and is usually written for people working in the field. It is a useful way to keep up with current industry practices.


For more help with journals you can visit the Floor 4 Help Centre in the Library. You can also email with your questions or call us on 01484 473888