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Journals: Finding electronic journal articles

Introduction to finding electronic journal articles

The University of Huddersfield Library subscribes to thousands of online journals. You might want to search for journal articles by research topic; find a specific article by its name or reference details; or browse issues of a journal to see what's new. This page explains more about how to do this.

How do I find journal articles?

How do I find electronic journal articles on a topic?

You can search for journal articles on a particular research or assignment topic using Summon.  Always search for keywords rather than questions or phrases. For example, rather than typing Is there evidence of a gender pay gap? into the search bar, just type gender pay gap  (watch the keywords video on this page for more explanation).  

You can limit your Summon search to journal articles only by clicking the 'articles' button below the search bar (highlighted in below image).

A screenshot of the Summon search bar with the 'articles' button highlighted

How can I narrow down my search results when searching for articles on a topic?

Your choice of filters and keywords can help you to narrow down your search results.

1. Use filters

You can limit your Summon search results using the filters at the side of the results page.

To limit your search to scholarly & peer-reviewed and journal articles only, check the box next to these options.

You may also want to limit your results by publication date. The date range you choose will depend on your topic.

If your keywords are used widely and across other subjects, you may also want to choose some discipline (subject area) limits, which will narrow your results to your own subject area. Apply this filter carefully, as you may exclude some useful results.

2. Use keywords

Another way to narrow your results is to add in additional, specific keywords in the search bar. So, returning to the previous gender pay gap example, you could narrow your search further by adding another keyword representing the industry you are researching, e.g. gender pay gap sport


This video demonstrates how to search Summon using keywords and filters:


This video explains how to choose keywords:

How do I find a specific electronic journal article from its title or reference details?

If you know the title of the journal article you want to read, you can search for it using Summon or the Library's Journal Search.

1. Using Summon:
You can search by article title in the basic search bar, but you may need to scroll through the results to locate the correct article.
For a more precise search:
  • Click on the advanced search option (found to the bottom-right of the Summon search bar on the library homepage). If you are on the Summon results page, click instead on Options on the search bar.
  • On this advanced search page, click on the box labelled 'All Fields'

  • Select 'title' from the drop down list of options

  • Type the article title in the search box to the right and then click 'Search':

A screenshot highlighting the advanced search by title option on Summon

Summon also allows you to search using the article DOI (Digital Object Identifier). This is a unique set of numbers and letters assigned to an electronic publication, which usually begins with 10 and is often found in the form of a hyperlink beginning To search by DOI enter the full DOI in the Summon search bar. This must be typed exactly to retrieve the article.


2. Using Journal Search:

If you have the full reference details, you may be able to download the article from the journal webpage itself using the Journal Search on the library homepage. This method can help if you have struggled to find the article on Summon. It also allows you to browse other articles published in the same journal, which might be relevant to your research. To use this method, you will need to access the journal through the Library homepage:

  • On the Library homepage, click on Journals
  • Screenshot of the Library website homepage with the Journals heading selected

  • Search by the name of the journal (not the article title) in the search box, e.g. Innovative Higher Education
  • Identify the correct journal from the results list
  • If the journal is available electronically you will see the Available Online link below its name in the search resultAvailable online logo
  • Click on this link to be taken to the webpages for this journal.
  • You then need to use the year, volume and issue numbers from your reference to navigate to the correct article.
  • For example, to locate this article:
    Mostrom, A. M., & Blumberg, P. (2012). Does learning-centred teaching promote grade improvement? Innovative Higher Education, 37(5), 397-405.
    Search in the Journals Search for the journal of Innovative Higher Education. Once on its webpages, first locate the volume (37), then the issue (5), then the article by title or page numbers (397-405).
How do I access an electronic journal article?

To access an electronic journal article found on Summon choose one of the options below:

  • View Now: PDF  -- downloads a PDF of the article to your computer.
  • Journal Article: Full Text Online  --  takes you to the article details and abstracts page on the journal website from where you can often download the article PDF.
  • View in Context: Browse Journal  --  Takes you to BrowZine where you can view all articles published in this issue of the journal.

A screenshot of an article on Summon showing the options: PDF; full text online; browse journal

Can I download, copy, and print electronic journal articles?

Most electronic journal articles can be downloaded in PDF format and saved to your own device or OneDrive for reading or printing. Look for the 'PDF full text' icon on the article webpage and click on this to download:

The PDF full text icon

If available, we recommend you download the PDF version of the article for saving and printing, as the web browser or HTML version may not display correctly. For advice on how to solve common issues, see the troubleshooting page of this guide.


Can I access electronic journal articles off-campus?

You can access electronic journals and journal articles off-campus. You will need to access them via Summon or the Library Journal Search, logging in here with your University username and password.


How can I browse the articles in an electronic journal?

To browse a journal for relevant or recently published articles, you can use the Journal Search or Journal Browse options on the Library website.

1. Journals Search
  • On the Library homepage, click on Journals:


  • Enter the name of the journal in the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon magnifying glass icon to search:

Screenshot of the Journal Search page displaying results for the search: British Journal of Criminology

  • Find the correct journal in the results list
  • If the journal is available electronically you will see the Available Online link below its name in the search results Available online logo
  • Click on this link to be taken to the webpages for the journal where you can browse all available issues.


2. Journals Browse (BrowZine)

BrowZine allows you to search, browse and read many of our electronic journals on a more user-friendly interface.

  • On the Library homepage, click on Journal Browse to access BrowZine:

    Screenshot of Library homepage with Journal Browse option highlighted


  • (Optional) Create a BrowZine account with your university email to save your favourite articles, set up alerts for new content, and read articles on your handheld device with the BrowZine app.
  • Not all of our journal subscriptions are currently available through BrowZine, so you may need to use Journals search to access the journal you need.


For more help with journals, ask your librarians by emailing