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Journals: Troubleshooting


This page provides advice on common problems you may encounter when using journals. 

If you can't find a solution to your issue here, you can email for help. Please include a screenshot of any error message in your email, if you can.


Here are the answers to some common issues experienced with journals.

1) I have accessed a journal article or database through Summon or the Library Subject Guides but am being asked to log in again, what should I do?

By logging in to Summon with your University ID and password, you will be automatically logged into most articles and databases. However, occasionally some may ask you for an extra login. If you are asked for an extra password, look to see if there is a link on the login page to an Institutional login, or Login with your University button or similar. This should usually take you to a list of universities - select University of Huddersfield from the list.

The institutional login option is highlighted on a journal webpage


If this does not work, or there is no such option on the login page, please email with the details of what you were trying to access and we will investigate the issue.


2) I am being asked to pay to read a journal article I found on Summon, what should I do?

Ensure you have logged into Summon or follow the steps above to log in via the Institutional Login.  If this does not work, or there is no such option on the login page, please email with details of the article you were trying to access.


3) I am being asked to pay to read a journal article I have found on an electronic database, what should I do?

This usually occurs for one of the following reasons:

a) You have not accessed the database through the Library website. Ensure that you login to Summon and then access the database through your Library Subject Guide or the A-Z list of electronic resources.

b) The article is not available to read in full from this particular database. This is the more likely option if you are correctly logged in via the Library website and the article is not labeled as 'HTML full text' or 'PDF Full Text'. 

The database may provide a Check for Full Text link to try to find it in the Library from another source.


A journal article on a database with the Check for Full Text icon highlighted


If this option is not available, you could try searching for the journal title in our Library Journal Search, or searching for the article title in the Summon search bar.


4) I am being asked to pay to read a journal article I have found via a search engine, what should I do?

If you have not found the article through Summon or a Library resource, you will usually need to see if it is available in the Library's collection by searching Summon or using the Journal Search.

Google Scholar has improved its ability to recognise that you are a member of the University of Huddersfield, and may sometimes provide a full-text link, though this method is less reliable than using Summon.


5) I want to read an article that is not available in full text form through any of the Library's resources, can I request this?

If the article is essential to your work, you can request it as an inter-library loan, and we will provide a copy if available.


6) I've clicked on the PDF full text icon, but nothing happens?

Check at the top of your browser window that your browser allows pop-ups. You may need to click to enable or allow this. Also check your device's downloads folder, as the article may have automatically downloaded to there.


7) I'm trying to print an electronic article, but I get blank pages?

This sometimes occurs when you attempt to print an article from the web browser window. Try to download and print from a PDF copy of the article if possible. If a PDF download is not available, look for the printer-friendly icon on the web page and print using this function.


For more help with journals, ask your librarians by emailing

Computer / software requirements

To read electronic journal articles online you will usually only require an up-to-date web browser.

Most articles can also be downloaded in PDF format to read offline. This will require a PDF reader on your device. University computers have the necessary software.

If you need help with software then use HudHelp, the digital self-service portal, or contact IT Support.

Report a problem

If you encounter a problem with any of the links on this page, please use this link to let us know.