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Journals: Finding print journal articles

Introduction to finding print journal articles

A limited number of our subscribed journals are only available in printed format, stored on shelving in the Library. This guide explains more about how to search for these and find them in the Library building.

How do I find print journal articles?

How do I know if there are print issues of journals in the Library?

Certain journals and magazines are only available in the Library in print format, either because the electronic subscription is not available to the Library, or they are more useful in their original high-quality printed form (particularly Art, Design & Architecture journals).

You can search for a journal by name in Summon, or from the Journal Search. The search results list which issues are available in print, and where in the Library they are stored:

Example of a print journal result on Summon


 Example of a print journal result on the Journal Search page

Where can I find print issues of journals in the Library?
  • Art, Design & Architecture journals and magazines are on Floor 3 of the Library. See map.
  • Music journals and magazines can be found in the Music Library on Floor 5. See map.
  • Law journals can be found on Floor 6. See map.
  • Journals from all other subjects can be found in the rolling shelves on Floor 5. See map.
  • If you need any help finding print journals, please ask at the Floor 4 Help Centre.


How do I search within a print journal for articles?

To search within a print journal you will need to use a specialist index of journals (electronic database) which contains the details and abstracts of print journal articles.

Your Library Subject Guide contains information about and access to relevant databases for your subject.  You can also browse our complete A-Z list of electronic resources.

Each database has a slightly different interface.  Some will allow you to choose from a list of journals to search within.  Others require you to build an advanced search.

Below is an example of how to instruct a database to search within a named journal, using the advanced search function.  Though your database may look slightly different, the search usually contains similar steps:

  • Go to the Advanced search page
  • (1) Type the name of the journal in the first search box
  • (2) Select the option to search for this within the publication title field
  • (3) Add your keywords as usual in the second search box

Screenshot of an advanced search with steps 1-3 highlighted

Your Library Subject Guide contains tips on searching and more information on how to use specific databases.