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Law: Legal Databases (Westlaw and Lexis) and journals

Library Guide for the Law School

Journal abbreviations

References to journal articles will often just contain the abbreviated title, for example, the Criminal Law Review would be CLR

Finding journals in Westlaw video

Bitesize Law databases

Law Trove

Legal databases

Lexis Library training video - Overview

Student Representative for Westlaw

Hi all, I am Lucja, the Westlaw Thomson Reuters Student Representative at our university for this academic year. I am fully trained in using Westlaw and navigating the site and can show how to use Westlaw as well as how to improve your research through the additional aspects such as Westlaw International. I will be available for 1 to 1 drop-in sessions both on teams and on campus and I will be offering help on the certifications which can be vital in expanding your CV. Feel free to contact me on email at


Peer-reviewed journals

Journals, also known as periodicals, are collections of articles published regularly. Peer-review is a process where experts in a particular subject evaluate the research in an article before it is published. Unlike textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles often contain more up-to-date and in-depth content. They are a fantastic source of criticism and critique and will help you to evaluate the law. Some journals focus on just one legal subject, eg Public Law, whereas others cover a variety of legal topics.

Bitesize Law databases