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Leganto reading list staff guide: Discussions & notifications

Training and support for Leganto reading lists

Reading list notifications

As module instructors and collaborators, you may receive email notifications from Leganto. These notifications are sent once every evening.

example reading list notification email

These notifications provide you a link to the relevant reading list to view the additions to Library Discussion, Student Discussion or content Suggestion. Once you are logged into Leganto, you will also see notifictions on the bell icon Leganto bell icon with 1 notification visible - if you click on these, they provide direct links to citation level discussions.

All instructors and collaborators receive all notifications, so if this proves to be an issue, you may either want to switch the student discussion off, or remove some colleagues as collaborators.

Library discussion

The Library Discussion displays in the right hand side panel of Leganto, underneath the list of Collaborators and Instructors. This will only be used if an academic starts a discussion with the Library, for example to check ebook availability or a digitisation of a chapter. It can be used to communicate about a whole list or at item level. The Library will respond using the same discussion tool and you will receive an email prompt to return to your list and read it.

Library discussion at list level:

 Leganto reading list with Library Discussion highlighted in right panel

Library discussion at item level:

 example of item level discussion at Leganto reading list

Student discussion

The Student Discussion option is switched on as default for all reading lists. This feature allows students to communicate direct with the instructors and collaborators on their reading list, at list (above the Library Discussion option on the right hand panel) or item level (see below):

item from reading list on Leganto with comment and like icons highlighted

You might set a task for students to comment on a specific item that is required reading for a specific seminar, which all the students could view. Instructors and collaborators are able to delete comments too.

example student discussion with two comments

You can switch off the student discussion if you prefer (you may wish to turn it on for specific weekly activities only) via the Reading list options menu; click on the three dots next to the reading list title and select configure list discussions to toggle between hide and show student discussion thread:

reading list options menu in Leganto with configure list discussions highlighted

Content suggestions

Any user of Leganto can send suggestions of content to add to a list. Instructors and collaborators will be notified by email. Log in to the reading list and you will see the suggestion underneath the list discussions in the right hand pane.

Example of suggestions in Leganto

You can either delete the suggestion or drag the title suggestion into the reading list from the right pane into the relevant section of your list.