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Open Access: Sage

A guide to Open Access at the University of Huddersfield


The agreement with Sage covers the open access article processing charges (APCs) for corresponding authors affiliated to the University of Huddersfield to publish in 900+ subscription journals including the SAGE Premier package, IMechE Journal Collection and the Royal Society of Medicine Collection, which offer hybrid open access publishing (SAGE Choice)

Please note: Fully open access journals are not included in this agreement.

To be eligible under this agreement articles must have an acceptance date after 1st January 2023 and meet the following Author, Journal and Article type criteria.


Eligible Authors

Teaching and research staff employed by or otherwise accredited to the University of Huddersfield as well as students enrolled or accredited to the Institution who are also the corresponding author of an article published in an Offered Title.

In case of articles published by multiple authors, only the corresponding author will be the Eligible Corresponding Author. 

It is not permitted to change the corresponding author of an article after peer review from an in-eligible author to one accredited to the Institution to qualify as eligible.

Authors are only Eligible Corresponding Authors once they have signed the then current open access publishing agreement with Publisher. 


Eligible Journals

Only hybrid journals that offer publishing via Sage Choice.

The following journals are excluded:

  • Abstracts in Anthropology
  • British Journalism Review
  • A Current Bibliography on African Affairs
  • Handbook of Practice Management
  • Index on Censorship
  • InnovAiT
  • International Political Science Abstracts / Documentation Politique Internationale
  • Journal of the ICRU
  • Pain News
  • Phi Delta Kappan
  • Political Insight

Please note: Gold open access journals are also NOT COVERED from this agreement


Eligible Article Types
  • Original Research Papers
  • Review Papers
  • Brief Communications
  • Short Reports
  • Case Reports, 

Articles published as part of commercially sponsored supplements, errata, book reviews, editorials, published abstracts, call for papers, news items or similar are excluded from this service.

Rights Retention Statement position    

Sage has confirmed that they will not reject or redirect manuscripts including rights retention language, based on UKRI wording: 

“For the purpose of open access, the authors has applied a creative commons attribution (CC BY) licence (where permitted by UKRI, ‘open government licence’ or ‘creative commons attribution no-derivatives (CC BY-ND) licence’ may be stated instead) to any author accepted manuscript version arising.” 

Further workflow enhancements are underway to ensure Sage systems can recognize alternative phrasing of rights retention language. 

Cascading of articles is never done without author permission.


Submission Checklist

Criteria All must apply
Affiliated to the University of Huddersfield
You are the corresponding author

The selected journal is an eligible Sage hybrid title (see above) and if applicable meets UKRI funding requirements

The article type is eligible (see above)
You used your University email address during the submission process
You selected the 'University of Huddersfield' as your institution during the submission process
You have acknowledged any funders
If UKRI funded you have chosen an appropriate CC-BY licence to comply with funder requirements


More information:

Sage open access articles published under this agreement

  • Alizadeh Otorabad, H., Bezin, Y., Grossoni, I., & Jorge, P. (2023). Finite element analysis of a crossing panel under dynamic moving load – effect of support conditions and implications on foot fatigue. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.Part F, Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 237(5), 563-575.
  • Assay, M. (2022). The late- and post-soviet trials of hamlet in song, ballet, and opera. Cahiers Élisabéthains, 108(1), 35-52.
  • Bearfield, G., Van Gulijk, C., & Thomas, R. J. (2023). Redefining rail systems verification and validation: The safety/security STAIRCASE model. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part F, Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit, 237(2), 266-274.
  • Bettany, S., Coffin, J., Eichert, C., & Rowe, D. (2022). Stigmas that matter: Diffracting marketing stigma theoretics. Marketing Theory, 22(4), 501-518.
  • Burr, V., & King, N. (2022). Contrasts and synergies: A comment on jones (2022). Theory & Psychology, 32(4), 651-657.
  • Fagbola, L., McEachern, M. G., & Raftopoulou, E. (2023). Liminal consumption within nigerian wedding rituals: The interplay between bridal identity and liminal gatekeepers. Marketing Theory, 147059312211485.
  • Fleming, J. A., Field, A., Lui, S., Naughton, R. J., & Harper, L. D. (2022). The demands of training and match-play on elite and highly trained junior tennis players: A systematic review. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 174795412211025.
  • Fleming, J. A., Naughton, R. J., & Harper, L. D. (2022). Nutrition and the elite and highly trained junior and young adult tennis player: A scoping review. SAGE Publications.
  • Fletcher, S., Chuku, D., Furness, T., Focareta, A., & Longstaff, A. (2022). Rectilinear strain sensing framework for real time compensation of structural distortions in precision machinery. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture,
  • Fox, N. J. (2022a). The critical (micro)political economy of health: A more-than-human approach. Health, 136345932211132-13634593221113212.
  • Fox, N. J. (2022b). Green capitalism, climate change and the technological fix: A more-than-human assessment. The Sociological Review, 3802612211212.
  • Haloub, R., Khoury, G., & Masri, A. (2022). Resilience through entrepreneurial storytelling in extreme contexts: A case study of a pharmaceutical company in the palestinian territory. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 23(2), 111-127.
  • Hudspith, L. F., Wager, N., Willmott, D., & Gallagher, B. (2023). Forty years of rape myth acceptance interventions: A systematic review of what works in naturalistic institutional settings and how this can be applied to educational guidance for jurors. SAGE Publications.
  • Hulley, J., Bailey, L., Kirkman, G., Gibbs, G. R., Gomersall, T., Latif, A., & Jones, A. (2023). Intimate partner violence and barriers to help-seeking among black, asian, minority ethnic and immigrant women: A qualitative metasynthesis of global research. SAGE Publications.
  • Hulley, J., Wager, K., Gomersall, T., Bailey, L., Kirkman, G., Gibbs, G., & Jones, A. D. (2023). Continuous traumatic stress: Examining the experiences and support needs of women after separation from an abusive partner. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 38(9-10), 6275-6297.
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  • Labarca, C., & Sadi, G. (2022). Some reflections left over from the work of editing a special issue on public relations in latin america. Public Relations Inquiry, 11(2), 167-170.
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  • Lomax, H., Smith, K., & Percy-Smith, B. (2022). Rethinking visual Arts–Based methods of knowledge generation and exchange in and beyond the pandemic. Sociological Research Online, 27(3), 541-549.
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  • Michalakopoulou, K., Nikitas, A., Njoya, E. T., & Johnes, J. (2022). Innovation in the legal service industry: Examining the roles of human and social capital, and knowledge and technology transfer. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 146575032211196.
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